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Short Story of Nurudeen Islamic Charity Organizationof New York Inc., Masjid

Nurudeen Islamic Charity Organization of New York Inc., Masjid was founded in the year 2001 under article 501 c3 non-for-profit organization in United States of America.

The organization was formed to change the perspective on the ways non-Muslims think and feel about Islam. The organization has participated in many types of monetary assistance to the people affected with one kind of disaster or another. NICON as simply referred to has helped to bring back to life so many people who have lost hope in their existence through donations, prayers, and counseling especially during the lost of our Muslim brothers and sisters in one tragedy or the other. NICON has been credited by United Nations for its help and assistance to the needy and the less privilege in our society.

NICON-ASSALAM was operating from a rented building at 3429 3rd Avenue Bronx, New York 10456 since its establishment, just one block from the new Masjid, since 2001. The current Masjid was built with the efforts of our people to serve the community and to set pace for other Islamic organization to emulate. This MASJID is the first of it built by an Islamic organization in the vicinity of New York. NICON-ASSALAM is planning to build Islamic hospital after the opening ceremony of the new Masjid. This will surely be the first type of it especially by an Islamic organization in the vicinity of the Bronx.

The new Masjid was built from the scratch to the top roof with modern elevator to take old age people and handicap to upper floors of the MASJID. After purchasing the empty lot in April 2005, the organizing committee planned to execute the project and it was a successful one. The building has a basement (cellar), the first floor as a store (Madrasat), the second floor belongs to the men congregation while the third floor will be occupied by our mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters for worship.

The MASJID was declared open on Saturday June 21, 2008 at 1.00p.m by Ambassador Abdul-Wahab Muhammad Saleh, mni.

Nurudeen Islamic Charity Organization does not at present have any foreign or local sponsors instead it operates within the reach of it's resource from contributions of individuals that are dedicated to the progress of Islamic religion worldwide. We are, therefore, asking for whoever is interested in assisting us financially to do so without doubt as this will help and give us more energy to continue to establish more houses of Allah in America and its environs. We believe that sky is the limit if there are resources to move the struggle forward.

May almighty Allah continue to bless us all. Forward ever Islam backward never.


(NICON-ASSALAM Planning Committee)

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